How it All Began

I'm Jill Bartlett, the pattern designer, educator, and founder of Thank Dog We Made It, the brainchild of Scouter Wear, a boutique dog wear company inspired by my beloved dog, Scout.

Scouter Wear began in 2016, a classic business success story. It all started with making raincoats and hand-knit sweaters for Scout, and soon neighbors were asking for them. Before I knew it, Scouter Wear was launched, selling in retail stores and online worldwide. I absolutely loved designing new things for Scout, which always ended up as new products for other fur-babies.

In 2020, I launched a learning portal to teach people how to sew their own dog clothes. Building on this success and my passion for everything "dog," I expanded in 2024 with Thank Dog We Made It. This platform allows me to share my methods for creating clothes, food, treats, beds, collars, leashes, and a variety of other products.

I can honestly say, Scout saved my life!
It was back in early 2016 when Scout, the namesake of my dog wear company, came into my world and changed everything. At that time, I had just left a successful corporate career as the co-owner of an eLearning company I had run for over 12 years. I was experiencing corporate burnout and craving more artistic expression in my life. Getting Scout opened an entire world of creative fulfillment and drew me back into a life where I could work with my hands again. I am thrilled to be at a point where I can marry my passions for working with my hands, designing new products, and sharing my knowledge with others through this online training portal, Thank Dog We Made It.

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