Sewing Your First Dog Coat

Six modules, expertly crafted with detailed video, workbooks, and written guidance to sew a coat on your home machine

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By the end of this program
you will have learned...

  • How to measure your dog
  • Identify the areas to measure and where to allow some wiggle room for their movement
  • What pattern size to choose
  • Learn how to choose the best pattern size to work with, even if your dog is between sizes
  • How to customize your pattern for your dog's shape
  • Learn about the areas on the pattern where you can add or remove room for a custom fit
  • How to attach reflective piping and lining to your coat
  • Learn the secrets to adding piping to your lined coat for a professional seamless finish
  • How to add closures and openings to your coat
  • Learn the best way to add Velcro fastenor to close the coat and an opening for a leash hook-up
  • How to embelish your coat add your own unique touch
  • Explore various ideas to customize your coat to match your dog's unique style
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Course Curriculum
Explore the complete course curriculum below for a sneak peek into each module!


If you're looking for picking up a new skill this new year, unleash your creativity, and get hands-on with crafting while diving into the world of functional dog wear, you're in the right spot! Here, you'll discover the art of crafting unique and inspiring patterns, learning to customize them to reflect your style.

No worries if sewing isn't your forte— with easy-to-follow PDF instructions and video tutorials, I'll guide you through each step as we create a fabulous dog coat together. Join an awesome community of stitchers, supporting each other through this exciting challenge!

Your Framework for Success

Fed up with crummy, mass-produced dog wear?
Tired of cookie-cutter options that don't fit?
Then you're ready to create a tailor-made masterpiece that's as unique as your furry best friend.



I was really impressed with the patterns, and video tutorials, especially as I hadn't sewn in a very long time (amazing what you forget). Your information was easy to follow, and my raincoat was very professional looking.



This pattern was definitely the best-fitted dog coat I have made. I was able to customise the pattern pieces (with the help of Jill’s advice/tutorial) to my dog's measurements while also considering the length of my dog's body.

The step-by-step instructions are well presented and understandable via video and everything necessary is explained. On top of that great tips are provided on materials, supplies, tools etc. Jill's patience and assistance in times of uncertainty were very helpful. Through

Jill’s warmth, patience and passion my interest in custom-designed dog apparel sewing has grown even more. I am proud to be a member of this exclusive group.



Today, I am proud of my confident transformation. I still have a lot to learn and will face new future challenges. But Jill is a special person and wonderful teacher and an inspiration to me.

If you have any unanswered questions Jill is always willing to help through her experience and patience. Sewing dog wear has become my NEW passion. A dream of mine has been fulfilled and Jill has made the learning curve easier and enjoyable.


Meet Jill

I am the pattern designer, educator and founder of Scouter Wear, a small boutique company that has been hand-making a full line of water-resistant dog coats, hand-knit dog sweaters and dog accessories since 2015. My high-quality waterproof dog coats were borne out of numerous experiments with various techniques, materials, styles, and features, and I want the opportunity to share that knowledge with you.

Before I started Scouter Wear, I owned an eLearning company for over 12 years, developing online courseware. I draw on these roots to create interactive learning that is fun and inviting for avid home stitchers who want to work with their hands and build new skills.

My mission is to inspire joy in creating sustainable, functional dog wear!