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Learn How to Make Everything for Your Dog

Discover the joy of creating personalized items for your dog!

 Whether you're into sewing, knitting, or cooking, my learning portal is your go-to destination for making everything for your dog:

  • Functional raincoats and sweaters 
  • Cozy beds 
  • Nutritious food and treats 
  • Custom collars 
  • Sturdy leashes 
  • Jewelry 
  • Hygiene products 
  • And so much more

No more settling for off-the-shelf products. Knowing how it's made ensures your dog is getting the absolute best, crafted with love and care by you.

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Knitting for your dog

Explore our comprehensive resources and courses for knitting dog essentials, crafted to elevate your pup's style and comfort.

Sewing for your dog

Delve into our sewing resources and courses for creating unique dog essentials, designed to bring joy to both you and your pup.

Cooking for your dog

Discover our cooking resources and courses for preparing nutritious meals and treats for your dog, enhancing their health and happiness.

Create Personalized Dog Essentials
Craft Your Own Creations

  • Have you always wanted to make your own dog products, but don't know where to start? 
  • Are you nervous about making your own dog food to ensure you have all the necessary nutrients? 
  • Challenged by measuring your dog for a new coat or collar? 
  • Can't find patterns that match your dog's personality?

If you answered YES to any of the above then this is where your journey begins!

Whether you're new to making things for your dog or looking for a bigger challenge, this portal is your go-to place, guiding you through every aspect of crafting dog care essentials.



I was really impressed with the patterns, and video tutorials, especially as I hadn't sewn in a very long time (amazing what you forget). Your information was easy to follow, and my raincoat was very professional looking.



This pattern was definitely the best-fitting dog coat I have made. I was able to customise the pattern pieces (with the help of Jill’s advice and tutorials) to my dog's measurements while also considering the shape of my dog's body.

The step-by-step instructions are well presented and understandable via video and everything necessary is explained. On top of that great tips are provided on materials, supplies, tools etc. Jill's patience and assistance in times of uncertainty were very helpful. Through

Jill’s warmth, patience and passion my interest in custom-designed dog apparel sewing has grown even more. I am proud to be a member of this exclusive group.

C. PeSale


Today, I am proud of my confident transformation. I still have a lot to learn and will face new future challenges. But Jill is a special person and wonderful teacher and an inspiration to me.

If you have any unanswered questions Jill is always willing to help through her experience and patience. Sewing dog wear has become my NEW passion. A dream of mine has been fulfilled and Jill has made the learning curve easier and enjoyable.


Meet Jill

I'm the pattern designer, educator, and founder of Thank Dog We Made It, a subsidiery of Scouter Wear, a boutique company inspired by my beloved dog, Scout. I create a full range of dog essentials, from water-resistant coats and hand-knit sweaters to nutritious meals, beds, and accessories. My journey began with Scout and the desire to provide her with the best. Knowing how everything was made gave me the confidence that I was giving her the absolute best care. Every item is a labor of love, reflecting Scout's personality and needs, and I'm excited to share my knowledge with other dog lovers. Before founding Scouter Wear, I spent over 12 years running an eLearning company. Drawing on this experience, I create engaging learning for home crafters who want to build new skills and create personalized items for their furry companions.

My mission is to inspire the joy of creating everything your dog needs for a healthy and happy life.


If you have been searching for a way to attain a new skill, get more creative, work with your hands AND learn how to make stuff for your dog
Then this is the place for you!